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Note: The "milehimultibizz@gmail.com" address given on our business cards is not working properly at this time.

U. S. Mail:

Mile Hi Multibizz
P. O. Box 7523
Denver, CO 80207


Area Code: 303
Prefix: 388
Number: 7409

Warning To Telemarketers:

The telephone number shown here is also a residence telephone number which is registered with the National Telemarketer Do Not Call Registry operated by the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Any telemarketer who calls a phone number registered on the National Telemarketer Do Not Call Registry could incur a $ 2,000.00 fine.

Warning To Those Calling In Connection With Telephone Surveys, Charity, Religion, Politics, Or Begging For Money:

The telphone number listed above does not invite or welcome calls from those calling in connection with telephone surveys, charity, religion, politics, or begging for money. Even though these outfits are exempt from the National Telemarketer Do Not Call Registry, we nonetheless request that these parties refrain from calling this number and that they place this number on their "do not call" list.

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Mile Hi Multibizz


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