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Welcome to Mile Hi Multibizz.Com's Recycling Page!

One of our goals at Mile Hi Multibizz is to make it easier for people to recycle their used items, including electronics.

Below is a list of accepted items and a list of items that are not accepted:



* Audio and Video Tapes

* Batteries

* Cameras

* Cel Phones

* Circuit Boards

* Complete Computer Systems

* Computer Mouse

* Copy Machines

* CPU (tower)

* Data Cartidges

* DLT Tapes

* Docking Stations

* External CD-ROM Drives

* Fax Machines

* Floppy Drives

* Hard Drives

* Keyboards

* LCD Flat Screens

* Laptops

* Mainframes

* Matrix Switch / Multiplex

* Microwaves

* Monitors

* Office Printers

* Overhead Projectors

* Palm Pilot or Other Handheld Device

* Power Supplies

* Reel-To-Reel Tape Decks

* Servers (Depending On Size)

* Slide Projectors

* Stereos

* Stereo Speakers

* Switch / HUB Drives

* Tape Drives

* Telephone Systems

* Televisions

* Terminal

* Typewriters

* UPS Backup Systems

* VCR / DVD Players

* Video Recorders

* Work Stations


* Biohazards
(Including Syringes With Needles, "Red Bag" Waste, Or Anthing That Has Come Into Contact Wtth Human Or Animal Tissue Or Bodily Fluids)

* Broken, Leaking, Or Corroded Items

* Broken Mercury-Containing Items
(Broken Items Containing Mercury Including Thermometers)

* Flammable Materials
(Includes Explosive, Flammable, Or Spontanously Combustible Materials Of Any Kind. Examples Include But Are Not Limited To Solvent-Soaked Or Oily Rags, Gases Such As Hydrogen Or Propane, fireworks, linseed oil, gunpowder, ammunition, paint scrapings, etc.)

* Hazardous Waste
(Includes RCRA Or State Hazardous Wastes And Anything With The Yellow Hazardous Materials Label Or Writing Which Indicates "Hazardous Waste")

* Household Refuse Or Trash

* Items Too Large To Handle Safely
(Items That Would Break A Pallet Or Which Are Too Large To Load Onto A Truck Or To Move Around A Warehouse. Examples Include Large Transformers)

* Liquids Of Any Kind
(Antifreeze, Gasoline, Oil, Paint, Pesticides, Etc.)

* Odorous Materials
(Anything Smelling "Bad" Or "Off")

* Oil

* Paints, Adhesives, Caulk, Solvents, Or Thinners

* Pharmaceuticals Of Any Kind
(Including Vaccines, Empty Pill Bottles, And Solid Or Liquid Medications Of Any Kind)

* Poisons
(Includes Pesticides, Herbicides, Any Substance With Pesticides Or Herbicides, Or Anything With The Poison Label)

* Pressurized Containers

* Radioactive Materials Or Wastes

* Sharp Objects
(Needles, Syringes With Needles, Or Other Sharp Objects Which Cannot Be Safely Handled Manually)

* White Goods Or Appliances
(White Goods Or Appliances Such As Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Ovens, Etc.)


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